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Doubts and Demons of Inventors

I have written frequently in this blog about the challenges of being an inventor including: The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster The Lonely Inventor How to Avoid Inventor ‘Bear Traps’ Now, I will write about a key challenge to inventors: ‘doubts and demons’ … Continue reading

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The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

Everyone enjoys entrepreneurial success stories, especially the ones with the aura of “overnight success.” There is almost a formulaic plot line to many of the stories: Paul has a steady job, makes a six-figure income,in a stressful job He resigns from his job to pursue … Continue reading

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Inventing as a Career

Many parents have heard these fateful words from their sons or daughters: Mom and Dad, I’m dropping out of college to become a ——— Fill in the blank with actor, rock star or inventor. All three endeavors have one common thread: … Continue reading

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Persistence Pays

It has been said so many times that it has become a cliche, but here it is again: if you want to succeed you must be persistent, very persistent. Persistence is a key element of all business success, but persistence … Continue reading

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Inventing: It Takes a Team

Picture Thomas Edison, toiling away in the late evening hours trying one after another type of filament in his new invention to turn electricity not into heat, but into light. He just tried another filament that looked promising, but it … Continue reading

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Near Zero: Tragic or Magic?

Entrepreneurs must be prepared to take risks, sometimes spectacular risks. Billionaire technology mogul, Elon Musk, famously accrued $165 million from the sale of his share of PayPal to eBay. He then invested virtually all of it into three speculative ventures: … Continue reading

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Inventor Success: the Right Path for Your Product

There are many keys to success for an inventor, but one that is often overlooked and rarely discussed in public forums is selecting the right path for your product. The unique characteristics of your new product that make it non-obvious to … Continue reading

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