Alan Beckley invented the Wonder Wallet, the infomercial hit product that sells in stores across the US and Canada.

Mr. Beckley helps inventors to get traction with their products via his Inventor-Center business. He is able to leverage his 14 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and licensing, combined with a network of strategic partners to help commercialize new, innovative products.

2 Responses to About

  1. Suzi Morse says:

    Alan this is Suzi from the meeting last night. What is the actual e-mail that I can write to you & send you the info I want you to look at & give me your feedback, if you have time. I look forward to reading your book. I have 1 nearly finished on my recovery journey from PTSD!

  2. ideaworth says:

    Suzi, the best email for me is alan-beckley@msn.com. I would be happy to give you my feedback and enjoyed talking with you last night at the meeting. I know PTSD is a very serious situation, so I am glad you are making progress.


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