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When is Your Next Gig? The Gig Economy

Every musician dreams of becoming the next big rock star. The reality for most  is having a primary income – their day” job – and working periodic “gigs” on weekends or evenings playing in whatever club will have them. Musicians … Continue reading

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The Lonely Inventor: They’ll Never Understand

As I mentioned in a previous post, inventing is chaotic and confusing compared to other careers. Inventing is a lonely endeavor and one your friends and colleagues will never understand no matter how you try to explain it. Lonely Days and … Continue reading

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Want to be an Inventor? Why?

As an inventor and consultant, I feel part of my mission is to help aspiring inventors; in some cases by discouraging them from being inventors. Why? The odds of success for a new aspiring inventor are less than 5%, perhaps … Continue reading

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Inventing Basics: Why Your Invention Won’t Work!

 I have mentioned in past posts that less than 5% of all patent holders ever make a cent from their products. Some of the reasons are that inventors don’t realize how difficult it is to market a product successfully, how … Continue reading

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How to Thrive in an Environment of Chaos

In the mid 1950s the career success resulted from the following: Getting a “good” university education Going to work for a large company with a solid career track Staying there for 40 years or so, climbing the corporate ladder Retiring in comfort … Continue reading

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