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Turning No’s Into Inventing Success, Part II

This post is a follow up to Turning No’s Into Inventing Success from last week. In that post, I described the most painful no I ever received – from a large wallet manufacturer who had initially been keenly interested in licensing my … Continue reading

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Why I Became an Inventor: a Story of Strife, Struggles, and Success

After writing over 100 posts, I decided to cover something new: why I chose to become an inventor and my journey from successful engineer to successful inventor. My hope is that readers might see something of themselves in my story … Continue reading

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DRTV Basics Part 2: Testing

In the previous post I stated: The PedEgg product has earned over $450 in revenues since 2007. It is just one of many DRTV product successes. Below is how the sentence should have been stated: The PedEgg product has earned over $450 million  in … Continue reading

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