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2016 Reflections: Gratefulness, Hope, Anticipation

It is a time for reflection: 2016 is almost over, 2017 is beckoning. It is a great time to reflect on the potpourri of challenges, victories, tears, and joys that were visited upon us in 2016. Since I can’t read your mind, … Continue reading

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New Inventor with New Invention: Now What?

Every day across America, across the globe, thousands of new inventors have their first aha moment: an idea for a new invention to solve an old problem. In March, 2002, I dreamed up an idea for a thin, flexible wallet to solve … Continue reading

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How to Avoid Inventor ‘Bear Traps’

What are biggest barriers that prevent inventors with great products from achieving success? Interestingly, the biggest barriers to inventor success are not what immediately comes to mind for most people: money, competition, or lack of connections. Why? While those are … Continue reading

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