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New Inventor Startup Kit

When I conceived my idea for a thin, flexible wallet invention in 2002, I was very excited about the potential of my invention. But, I had no clue what I should do first. So I found a patent attorney and … Continue reading

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Accelerate Your Inventing Success

Very few inventors achieve commercial success with their products. Successful inventors typically toil tirelessly for many years before they succeed. Would you like to accelerate your inventing success? Consider a simple 3 F formula: Focus Faith Follow Through Full disclosure: it took … Continue reading

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Cutting the Gordian Knot to Inventing Success

The Gordian Knot is a legend of Phrygian Gordium associated with Alexander the Great. It is often used as a metaphor for an intractable problem (disentangling an “impossible” knot) solved easily by loophole or “thinking outside the box” (“cutting the Gordian knot”). The iconic Gordian knot is analogous to the … Continue reading

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Inventing as a Career

Many parents have heard these fateful words from their sons or daughters: Mom and Dad, I’m dropping out of college to become a ——— Fill in the blank with actor, rock star or inventor. All three endeavors have one common thread: … Continue reading

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Begin with the End in Mind

Rule #2 from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Begin with the end in mind. This advice is particularly relevant for inventors.  Being laser focused upon what you want to achieve will guide you to success more quickly. I wish … Continue reading

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Inventing Basics: Focus, Finance, and Feedback – Part I

  The next three blogs will address three topics important to inventors: Focus Finance Feedback The focus (pun intended) of this first blog: Focus. I have touched on this topic in previous blogs including this one. Focus is a key … Continue reading

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