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Looking for a ‘Few Good Men & Women’

William Jones, captain of Marines in the Providence (the 28-gun frigate, not the 12-gun sloop) then at Boston,  advertised in the 20 March 1779 Providence (R.I.) Gazette the need for “a  few good Men” to engage in “a short Cruize” … Continue reading

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3 More Keys to Inventing Success

In last week’s blog, I described 3 keys to inventing success: Solve an annoying problem Retail Sales Price is Less than $20 Must Have a 4X to 5X Mark Up In today’s blog, let’s consider 3 more keys to inventing … Continue reading

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Your Invention: Fail Early and Fail Fast

You have an idea for a great new product. Now what? What you choose to do next is key to your success (or lack of it). Here are your first three steps: Do your own free patent search on … Continue reading

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Inventing: It Takes a Team

Picture Thomas Edison, toiling away in the late evening hours trying one after another type of filament in his new invention to turn electricity not into heat, but into light. He just tried another filament that looked promising, but it … Continue reading

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Product Development – Essential for Success

It is often said that new inventions fail 95% of the time. I believe that new inventions fail 100% of the time! Notice I put “inventions” in italics for a reason. Inventions fail 100% of the time because an invention … Continue reading

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Inventors Checklist: Due Diligence

The next several blog posts will be upon “checklist” items for inventors: Today’s topic: Inventors Checklist: Due Diligence Imagine you are on an airline flight, lined up at the end of the runway, about to takeoff. The pilot throttles up … Continue reading

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Inventors Success: Partnership and Trust

Many articles are written about licensing, manufacturing, patenting and other elements important to inventor success. To my experience, inventor success depends crucially upon partnering with and trusting others. Yet almost nothing is ever written about partnering and trust, so: Today’s topic: … Continue reading

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