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The Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster

Everyone enjoys entrepreneurial success stories, especially the ones with the aura of “overnight success.” There is almost a formulaic plot line to many of the stories: Paul has a steady job, makes a six-figure income,in a stressful job He resigns from his job to pursue … Continue reading

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Turning No’s into Inventing Success

I hesitated to write this particular blog post. I knew lots of readers would roll their eyes and say to themselves, “oh boy, another tawdry tale about failing in the process of success.” I know. But, honestly, I had to … Continue reading

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Grit for Inventors

Inventors always are searching for new product ideas; and always seek the elusive secret to inventing success. Spoiler alert: there is not a secret to inventing success. Success comes from practicing a combination of many behaviors consistently over time. I separate … Continue reading

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A & R: What it is and Why it Matters to Your Business

In every workplace on the planet, water-cooler conversations (are there still “water coolers?”) often revolve around the blame game: what went wrong and who’s going to get the blame? Quite often the person  blamed wasn’t at fault or even involved, but … Continue reading

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Begin with the End in Mind

Rule #2 from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Begin with the end in mind. This advice is particularly relevant for inventors.  Being laser focused upon what you want to achieve will guide you to success more quickly. I wish … Continue reading

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Inventing is a Marathon not a Sprint

New inventors sometimes ask me questions like these below: How soon can I get my product “out there”? How long will it take me to get my product licensed? How long will it be before I make money from my … Continue reading

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Want to be an Inventor? Why?

As an inventor and consultant, I feel part of my mission is to help aspiring inventors; in some cases by discouraging them from being inventors. Why? The odds of success for a new aspiring inventor are less than 5%, perhaps … Continue reading

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Inventing Basics: the 3 R’s of Inventing

Successful inventors live by the 3 R’s of inventing (be) Resourceful (be) Resilient  (be willing to) Reconsider Inventors are creative problem solvers. Successful inventors, however, are resourceful in every aspect of their businesses, whereas unsuccessful inventors, all to often look … Continue reading

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Inventors Checklist: Resilience

Today’s post is the last of the “checklist” items for inventors: Today’s topic: Resilience In previous checklist posts, I discussed the importance of due diligence and also passion, persistence, and patience to success. Resilience is the glue that holds everything … Continue reading

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