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Inventors – Why Your Friends are Your Worst Enemies

I have written a few posts about resources, many of which are free, readily available to assist inventors in developing their businesses. Below is the most recent post: Resources Galore for Inventors – July 2016 The July post described resources that were specific to invention – people and companies that could help you move forward with your […]

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Grit for Inventors

Inventors always are searching for new product ideas; and always seek the elusive secret to inventing success. Spoiler alert: there is not a secret to inventing success. Success comes from practicing a combination of many behaviors consistently over time. I separate … Continue reading

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Your Invention: Fail Early and Fail Fast

You have an idea for a great new product. Now what? What you choose to do next is key to your success (or lack of it). Here are your first three steps: Do your own free patent search on … Continue reading

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Assessing Your Million Dollar Idea

IYou’ve just come up with a brainstorm, a million dollar idea! Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? It is so simple, but everyone will want to buy it! All you have to do is just get it out there … Continue reading

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Inventing Basics: Too Many Ideas – Too Few Products

Many new inventors suffer from a common malady: Too Many Ideas – Too Few Products  I have touched on the subject in a variety of ways in prior posts. In essence, the problem is that many inventors approach inventing and … Continue reading

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How to Succeed as an Inventor

Success Percentages are Always Disappointing Let’s face it, success percentages in difficult endeavors are always disappointing, typically less than 50%, often much less than 50%. In Freshman orientation for engineers, we were told only 1 in 3 of us would … Continue reading

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Key to Inventor Success – Keep it Simple!

In recent blog posts, I have described a variety of reasons why inventors often fail. So now, let’s look at reasons why inventors succeed. Today’s topic: Key to Inventor Success – Keep it Simple The KISS principle very much applies … Continue reading

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