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Sacrifice Leads to Success; Sacrifice Follows Success

One must sacrifice to achieve success. Hundreds of books have been written with this simple corollary as the central principle. In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell cites the 10,000 hour rule: that to achieve mastery in a field, one must expend 10,000 hours of … Continue reading

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Presenting Your Product for Licensing

In the prior post I discussed how you should prepare for licensing before you leave home to present your product. In today’s post, the follow up to last week, we’ll address tips on effectively presenting your product to a potential … Continue reading

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Preparing to License Your Product

Almost every inventor considers licensing his or her invention to a manufacturer in exchange for a percentage of royalties of all sales of the product. Your great new innovative product solves a problem almost everyone has. You make a few … Continue reading

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Patent Reform: Politicians versus Inventors

Much has been written about “patent reform” and there are plenty of high-octane opinions, many of which are well-intended, but misinformed. I put parentheses around patent reform because reform means very different things to different people. Put another way, appropriate solutions … Continue reading

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Why I Became an Inventor: a Story of Strife, Struggles, and Success

After writing over 100 posts, I decided to cover something new: why I chose to become an inventor and my journey from successful engineer to successful inventor. My hope is that readers might see something of themselves in my story … Continue reading

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Inventing Success: Situations and Solutions – Moving Forward, Part II

In the previous blog Situations and Solutions – Moving Forward, Part I, I described a couple of solutions or paths forward for a person with lots of ideas and no (or very little money). Let’s consider a different scenario and potential … Continue reading

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