Inventor’s Blogs: Reader Feedback!

Hello, readers.

I have posted over 80 blogs on a variety of inventing topics in the last year, including:

  • QVC – How to Sell on QVC and how to get on
  • Licensing – basics and options around licensing 
  • Building a business around your product
  • Creativity and how to be a good businessperson for your business
  • Importing your product – putting a team together

Now, it is your turn. I am seeking feedback from readers (which, thus far, I have gotten very little of).

Please give me your feedback and thoughts on the blog. Do you like my blogs/don’t like my blogs? What, specifically do you like? What don’t you like? Are the blogs too long?

What would you like to see covered in the blogs? What should be left out?

Any and all feedback is appreciate! Thanks!

Stay tuned!


About ideaworth

Ideaworth is a blog on a variety of invention topics to help inventors to avoid pitfalls and to find resources to help them in their quests for success. Alan Beckley's first invention, the Wonder Wallet is a DRTV hit, selling on television, HSN and available in Walmart and other major retailers.
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2 Responses to Inventor’s Blogs: Reader Feedback!

  1. Tom Trimbath says:

    Got any case studies you can share that demonstrate the process: one case study per post? Practical application of your approach, or why someone should’ve listened to you.

  2. ideaworth says:


    To answer your question, I have given some personal examples in my posts. But, I have not done as good a job of describing the practical applications of my approach as I might. Also, I do have more than a few examples as to why someone should have listened to me (but didn’t).

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll work to add more of your suggested content.

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