Successful Inventing from A to Z: Z – the Zenith of A to Z Series

Welcome to the last posting of the A to Z of Inventing series. I hope you have enjoyed them as I have attempted to cover an arc of the key invention topics from A to Z in this series.

this final post is really just a recap, a sort of index.

In the first five posts of the series, I discussed the beginning of all inventions – ideas:

A – Acquire Ideas
B – Benefits Analysis of Your Ideas
C – Cull Your Ideas
D – Developing Your Ideas
E – Enhancing Your Ideas into Inventions

The next two topics regarded beginning to formulate a plan for your invention idea:

F – Further Research on Your Invention
G – Getting a Plan for Your Invention

I addressed a bit about marketing channels for inventions and how to assess them for your invention. The next three posts addressed prototypes:

H – How to Get Prototypes Done
I – Initial Prototypes, What to Expect
J – Just Get Started with Your Product

The next set of posts addressed how to examine and consider options around patents for your product:

K – Keep Researching and Developing Your Knowledge
L – Let’s Do Patent Research
M – More about Patents
N – Next Steps – What to do Now?
O – Okay, What is My Patent Strategy?

Next, I spent some time looking at licensing as a path forward for your invention:

P – Principles of Licensing
Q – Question: How do you License Your Product?
R – Rep Your Product to Manufacturers

Then, it I considered steps you should take if you wish to manufacture your product and build s a business around it:

S – Strategies for Manufacturing Your Product Overseas
T – Three Partners in Your Overseas Manufacturing Team
U – Understanding and Planning Importing Logistics

I finished with some miscellaneous topics (skipped X):

V – Value Proposition: is this Product Worth Developing?
W – Website – Do I Need a Website?
Y – You Really Want to be an Inventor?

This completes the A to Z series of blog posts. Starting with the next post, I’ll address 5 (overlooked) keys to inventing success:

B – Balance Risk Versus Opportunity
R –
I –
C –
K –

You’ll have to stay tuned to discover what the R-I-C-K topics are.


About ideaworth

Ideaworth is a blog on a variety of invention topics to help inventors to avoid pitfalls and to find resources to help them in their quests for success. Alan Beckley's first invention, the Wonder Wallet is a DRTV hit, selling on television, HSN and available in Walmart and other major retailers.
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